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Foreigners Driving Chinese Rental Vehicle
( www.China-Driving.com ` www.Rent4x4.cn)

As one of the earliest and most professional in-country agents who had specialized in foreign vehicle self- driving tour organization since 1994, NAVO never stop to amplify consumers’ interesting in tourism. From 2007, NAVO Tour began to organize the brand new program in China: Chinese Rental Vehicle Self-Driving tour, which provides the same interesting with the own vehicle self-driving tour but makes it at a lower cost and a shorter time for permits application.

-Why choose Chinese rental vehicle self-driving in China
-The first time NAVO arranged foreigners drive the Chinese Vehicle in China
-The Chinese temporary driving license
-How to drive Chinese vehicle in China
-About agreement and accident
-About Chinese vehicle
-Groups records and related links

Why choose Chinese rental vehicle self-driving in China?

Driving in China is always one of the best ways to travel in China, when you driving even in the remote areas, you may learn about China by a deeply and especially way.

If you love driving tour, you may know that even you can drive your own foreign vehicle in China by local professional agency’s (like NAVO) arrangement, you still need though a complex procedure with 2 or 3 months before, and cost a lot.

Compare with that, Drive Chinese rental vehicle takes shorter preparation time, lower cost, easier procedures, but enjoy the same driving experience on road-if you don’t mind you don’t drive your own car but the local Chinese 4X4 vehicle.

The first time NAVO arranged foreigners drive Chinese Vehicle in China.

In 2007, NAVO had arranged the first group of foreigners drive Chinese rental vehicle tour in China. We are the first travel company to organize such a tour in Sichuan who successfully applied the Chinese temporary driving and provided Chinese registered vehicle. The group finished this whole journey smoothly and enjoyed a lot.

End to last of Dec., 2011, NAVO has organized more than 40 groups of Chinese rental vehicle self-driving tour

-Travel areas: Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai, Tibet etc.;

-Guests are from: Switzerland, Britain, France, American, Germany, Southeast Asia etc.

The Chinese Temporary Driving License

As a professional adventure tour Company, we are authorized to organize Chinese rental vehicle self-driving tour group in China. Please note that, we are not the one only for the Chinese temporary driving license applying, or only for Chinese rental vehicle providing. We specialize in arranging the whole driving tour for our guests. Therefore, we will service the guests who gets China tour visa and is willing to join our driving tour. The service includes but not limits in Chinese temporary driving license applying (validity in 90 days), car providing, routes arranging, other service (guide, meals, accommodation, sightseeing etc.).

Of course, if you have one permanent Chinese driving license already (like you worked or studied in China), you can skip this step and we can just arrange the other parts for you as a normal driving tour in China. Like vehicle providing, customize the driving tour, sign the related contract or agreement, and arrange the related insurance etc.

How to drive Chinese vehicle in China

Until this day, China is not fully open for foreign guests to realize the Chinese Rental Vehicle Self-driving Tour. It’s a new and developing tour program for tour markets till this day though in the future. Even as a professional tour organizer, NAVO also affords the high risk for guest. We got wealth of experiences on such tour as the earliest travel agency of organization. Therefore, we hope the one who wants join in such a tour group can suit at least the following conditions. If you cannot come to accord it, we’re afraid we cannot arrange such a tour for you so far.

1.For driver guests should fit the following conditions:
    a.driver guests should have the local driving license in you country;
    b.have the Chinese tour visa which is valid in 90 days;
    c.driver guests should between 18-70 years old;
    d.driver guests should suits all the related regulation included but not limited on physical;

2.Confirm the route starting from Chengdu, Kunming.
Before 2012 we’ve promoted successfully the driving route started from the three cities of Chengdu, Kunming and Lhasa. Lhasa is a popular tour site, but it’s also a place with complex procedure and changeable policies. Based on 2012 newest policy, we’re afraid we cannot provide the service for you of processing the Chinese temporary driving license in Lhasa directly. If you still would start your route from Lhasa, we can solve that by other ways.
Meanwhile, such program is still under development. If you plan a totally new route under our arrangement, please contact us in advance.

3.Tour guide: based on related rules, as a tour group arranged by travel agency, each group must accompanied by a Chinese tour guide;

4.At least 7 days and above of one route;

5.One month previously applies the tour: we need enough time to apply the related permit for applying the temporary driving license.

If you are according with our condition, we can plan your tour further in details. Meanwhile, we can recommend the route or customize it based on your requirements.

The reference route on our website on following, and also you can make a reference of our overland tour which can be easily adjusted to driving tour: http://westadventure.com/en/itineraries/overland/

About agreement and accident

NAVO will sign tour agreement with guests for each such tour. It’s also including several solve ways about compensation if accident or other conditions happens. When driving Chinese vehicle in China with a Chinese driving license, you are also driving under Chinese related law’s restriction. Once accident matter happened on road, we just can explain and handle in all based on the judge of Chinese traffic police and the related traffic road rules. Anyway, drive carefully is the most important thing while you enjoy on road please.

About Chinese vehicle

In China, self-driving by small car is popular among us now. And we will have many options on small cars, no matter Chinese brand or World brand. But the route arranged by NAVO Tour is almost all referring in the remote, original and natural areas. Therefore, we only suggest you to drive with 4x4 vehicles. Normally we also suggest the different kind of 4X4 vehicle based on your starting place (Chengdu, or Kunming etc.).

In general, it’s a unique and professional tour catalog of Foreigners Driving Chinese Rental Vehicle. Welcome to contact us at en@navo-tour.com for more details.

A driving journey is deserved to experience at least once in your life, and we believe it will offer you a so different world. NAVO always await you here!

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